Most 4×4 car owners enjoy venturing off the beaten path for an off-road adventure, but before they do, they make sure their vehicle has all of the necessary equipment. You can buy the best quality accessories for your car online. 

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Nobody likes getting stuck, so here are three necessary pieces of equipment to have in your vehicle before going off-road.

1 – Off-road Tyres

Your vehicle should be fitted with tires that guarantee superior levels of traction and grip in off-road conditions. While you should have spare, but it’s often forgotten, which can cause problems if you get a puncture or roll a tire off the rim in the middle of nowhere. 

Preparation is the key, so make sure you have a jack and check that your spare is well inflated before you leave home.

2 – Vehicle Protectors

Headlight guards are also useful for protecting your vehicle's headlights from being broken by stones or other debris, leaving you in the dark.

Adding plastic bonnet defenders might help you avoid expensive bonnet repairs or repainting as a result of dents and scratches produced by the off-road conditions.

3 – Portable Air Compressor

It’s a good idea to air your tires down before hitting the sand to avoid getting stuck. 

Lowering the pressures will give your tires more surface contact with the ground, spreading the load over almost double the area, which allows the tires to float on top of the sand without bogging down. 

Having a portable air compressor is essential to reinflate the tires before you get back on the bitumen and that gauge will come in handy as well.