This article will explore folding arm awnings by addressing three key questions. These are: What are folding arm awnings? Which one is best? And How much do folding arm awnings cost? 

What are they?

Folding arm awnings are a shade option suited to the outdoors, which can be applied to either a window or a roof. These awnings can be operated manually or mechanically, and rely on an arm mechanism that folds in and out to extend or retract the awning. When applied to a window the awning will shade the window. When applied to a roof, it will provide a shade solution. 

Which folding arm awning is best?

Each type of awning has benefits and drawbacks. I personally believe the best type of awning is operated using a crankshaft mechanism as this is something most ability levels can do. This can either be installed in a mechanism box that is wound from the inside of the house or using a pole on the outside of the house. The location of the awning would determine which option is most suitable. 

A popular option are also mechanical awnings, however, it is important to remember that a motor has a life span that will eventually need to be replaced. This lifespan will decrease if the motor is not regularly serviced. 

How much do folding arm awnings cost?

The cost of these awnings is determined by manual vs mechanical. Off-the-shelf awnings seem to start from around $300 whilst custom made options begin at $2,000. 

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