Improve Website SEO Compatibility! Designing a tableless website makes it more SEO compatible as it has fewer lines of code than a table based design. Websites without tables can be easily read by search engine robots and increase the visibility of the website in search engines. To get best web design services, you can also look for web design Raleigh via

• Easy to print web sites! Websites created using spreadsheets have certain limitations as the developer or designer has to enter a printable version of the site for the user to print. This problem or limitation can be overcome by using a tableless design, as there is no need to integrate a separate print version of the website.

• Change or modify styles, graphics or fonts on websites with ease! With the table structure, designers can easily modify the entire website structure to make changes. In addition, developers can update all pages by changing or updating only one CSS file.

It is very economical and budget friendly compared to designing a website using spreadsheets.n So these are some of the deadly benefits that encourage web designers and developers to reduce their use of web design. Designing a tableless website leaves a good impression on business visitor businesses and e-commerce based websites.