Many people may shy away from getting a solar pool cover because they are afraid of the cost. A regular cover or a safety cover can run you thousands of dollars, but a solar cover is not as pricey.

You can purchase Solar Pool Covers for as little as sixty dollars, depending on the size of your pool. Also, unlike a safety cover, a solar pool cover essentially pays for itself in the savings it can bring you. Heating and pumping are huge expenses, and a solar pool cover can help you cut down on those.

Auto Pool Reel

Many people want a pool for various reasons. They may like to exercise or want to have a fun place for the kids to play. These reasons can be cut short if you do not get as much use as you wanted. Often times, temperatures in a pool can be too cold or there can be too much debris to just let loose and have fun.

Ask yourself why you got your pool. Once you have your reason, ask yourself if getting a few extra months out of your pool would be worth spending a few dollars on a solar energy cover. If you think you would enjoy some more time out of your expensive investment, then I think you have your answer as far as whether the solar energy cover makes financial sense for you.

Solar covers help keep out debris, help you use less chemicals, and keep your pool warmer. Take out a piece of paper and write down how much you spend each month on cleaning, chemicals, and most of all heating your pool.