A spray booth is one of the biggest capital investments your business will make. This allows you to produce high-quality upholstery and offers safer working conditions. For this reason, a paint spray maintenance program should be firmly embedded in your routine operations.

Improper cab maintenance can drastically impact plant productivity and maintenance costs. Spray booths are more likely to break, resulting in expensive downtime and repair bills. You can also browse online to find out about the best table top paint booth manufacturers in CA.


Spray Booth Maintenance Tips

These best practice tips will help you keep your booth in top condition and protect your spray booth.

1. Reducing pollution

If contaminants get into your booth, they will clog the filter and affect the quality of the coating. The following steps will reduce the amount of dust and dirt that gets into your cabin from the shop floor:

  • Take out the blanks and glue them before placing them in the chamber.
  • Turn on the booth when importing blanks to the booth.
  • Minimize traffic to and from the area when spraying.
  • Don't grind in the cabin.
  • Entrance seals and seals, frames and other openings.

2. Change filters regularly

Good filtration is essential for effective aeration and removal of contaminants. For booths that are used every day, it's best to change the filter every three weeks. Make sure you know where all the filters are in your cabin, and monitor and replace them if necessary.

3. Measure the release time of the spray chamber

It may take 20 minutes or more for the isocyanate to completely release from the chamber after spraying.