Solar energy is used in many ways today. It is only used on the roof of the house to heat or cool parts of the house. Today you can find solar power supplies to charge batteries, heat pools, pump water into wells, and much more. 

They also make portable solar generators that can be used anywhere, and there are many advantages to using these solar generators. You can use this solar generator wherever you want. Use it for your home or take it to your camp on camping trips. 

A solar generator can power almost any small device, including cell phones, laptops, iPods, cameras, water pumps, and even the water treatment system in your RV Or you can use it to power small TVs, lights, stereos, and heating systems.

This solar generator can even be useful for you indoors. In the event of an emergency power failure, your solar generator starts and supplies your home's lighting, refrigerator and heating and cooling system with electricity. 

Most solar generators can only provide power to your home for a very short period. However, you can buy larger generators that can handle much bigger or longer emergencies.

Most generators can store this energy for a long time, up to a year. The smaller version of the solar camper is lightweight and easy to assemble, so it can be moved and carried anywhere. Their portability is a big reason why they are so popular with the public today.