In the past, choosing a paint protective film was very easy because there were not many options for the end-user to choose the finish. Today the market is meeting demand and there are many different brands, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

We will try to give an overview of the most important similarities and differences between the leading films on the market: Xpel PPF, 3M Scotchgard Pro Series, SunTek, Ceramic Pro Kavaca, and GSWF Protection.

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Xpel can be considered a leader in this industry as it has produced many innovations in the film coloring market. In 2011, Xpel introduced a film that didn't turn yellow over time and was several light years ahead of other films available at the time.

They are also known for presenting and improving "the world's first self-medicating film". They have also developed software that can be bundled with the Xpel Ultimate Plus movie, which provides access to hundreds of vehicle templates. With a vehicle stencil, craftsmen can apply the film without cutting the paint surface.

If you are in the paint protection film market, you will come across the Xpel brand. All the leading manufacturers of protective lacquer films offer hard transparent vinyl for protection against stone chips, environmental pollution, UV damage, and minor scratches.

While all films help provide impact resistance/protection, don't confuse them with being protective and "healing" damage or completely protecting the condition of car paint.