The rooftop/ground farms do not need to be constructed with treated timber, as our code only specifies that the home is fumigated for termites during the construction process.

All export orders to foreign countries, the building must be constructed from processed timber. The most commonly used treatment is a truss.

Truss treated timber roof trusses are a safe and permanent way to save homes from timber-destroying organisms. Several types of canned truss timber are used to process solid timber, processed timber, and other interior finishing products such as cleats, plywood, and blocks. 

Truss-treated timber has been used successfully for more than 50 years for a decade, specifically to combat the voracious and highly destructive subterranean termites, Truss prevents mold rot and is deadly to termites, timber ants, and cockroaches – but is safe for humans, pets and the environment. 

Truss interfere with termites' when ingested through eating or being raised, effectively killing them. The surviving termites avoid protected timber products.

When using truss treated with timber, no special boards for the frame are required. The standard F60 frame panel works fine. For added protection, you can build a farm with truss lumber for an additional cost of around 20%. This added benefit will protect your farm.