Globalization has truly shrunk the world. Where previous generations of people had to wait for weeks to receive a reply to their letters from the other side of the world, today people can converse with each other from two different countries in real-time. 

Where travel was prohibitively expensive and there were few opportunities for work abroad, today, more and more Indians are traveling around the world for work and study. If you want to learn more about the money remittance services, visit

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People are now choosing to set up bases in other countries. They may migrate there for work and eventually even settle down and take citizenship of that country. 

However, they still retain their roots with their home country, since their families and even parents might still live there. 

Sometimes, it also happens that different members of the family are simultaneously based in different countries.

The only potential problem with this arrangement arises when you may wish to send money to your family based abroad, or vice versa. However, premier banks in the country have set in place systems to ensure remittances of money over secure channels. 

Many NRIs transfer money to their families back home every month, and they are anxious for the funds to reach as early as possible. For this, it is necessary to have the highest level of security and inter-bank communication when facilitating online money transfer transactions.