There are several steps you can take to ensure that your paint job is perfect. Even though most car colors won’t match exactly, choosing the right shade can help you avoid mixing into adjacent panels. You will save money on paint and other consumables if you choose the right color the first time.

Each mass-produced vehicle comes with a unique color code. This can be used to cross-reference an auto body paint supply store, allowing for the production of a mixing recipe. Mixing formulas measure the weight of each color tinter and are then combined and stirred together to achieve the desired color match. If you want to get the services of auto paint correction in Thousand Oaks, then you can browse the web.

auto paint correction

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Check your vehicle’s door apertures, engine bay, or trunk to find the appropriate stamp, badge, or sticker. The color code is usually clearly marked and will include a mixture of numbers and letters. Take the code with you to your local paint shop. It will be matched to create an exact color match.

It is always recommended to do a paint spraying test before you start painting. Use a small amount of paint to activate the gun. Three even coats of color should be applied to the test card. Each one should take five minutes before flashing off. After the base color has dried to matte, apply two coats of clear lacquer.

After the test card has dried, place it on your vehicle next to the panel being painted. The test card should match the color of your vehicle’s existing paint to the point that you don’t need to blend them. If the color match is not perfect, you can use a soft sanding block and flatting paste to smoothen the panels.

This will create a keyed surface that can be used to accept mixed colors and clear coats.