Disappointed by a disorganized desk or office? There are a few basic items you can buy to keep things organized and in place. Not only will you feel better about working in a clean environment, but you will also be more efficient at your day-to-day work.

I thought you had the basics like a desk, phone, and trash can. For most people, computers, and printers are also important. Aside from those big tickets, think about what is filling your table right now.

All of these elements need to be organized so that you can find them quickly if you need to. If I had to pick 5 items to keep you on the right track, I would use a filing system, multiple trays, office organizers, calendars, and comfortable desk chairs.

desk organizer

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Let's start with a filing system. Think about the nature of your work and create files for important documents and receipts according to your needs. For example, do you travel frequently for your company? Then create a file for all your travel expenses.

The tray will then help you organize your desktop. Define the inbox and inbox for a daily email that you need to see every day. You may still need some paper trays, catalogs, and other items.

Another key element is the official organizer. This can be a tray, basket, or drawer that holds all the basic office supplies. Organizing pens, paper clips, tape, pencils, stamps, and other tools go a long way in keeping your desk tidy.