Your child's growth is so rapid in the early years and each child has a unique development pattern and personality. It is virtually impossible to find toys that are suitable and stimulating for all preschoolers. 

To determine the relative play value of an item at a specific point in your child’s development, parents should be familiar with their child's interests, inclinations, and abilities. Many Disney boxes such as Walt Wars Box will help your child assess the potential for new skills and talents in the future.


These guidelines will help you to buy toy boxes your preschooler will love and aid in their rapid development.

Recommended Age Ranges

The federal regulations mean that the toy box's recommended age ranges are fairly reliable guidelines when it comes to safety. Parents should remember that play value is not regulated and can lead to misleading recommendations. 

The Adult Perspective – Preschoolers don't buy toys for their children, and younger children are less adept at communicating what they want. Toy manufacturers tend to market their products more to adults than to children. 

Educational Claims – Toy manufacturers know that preschooler's educational progress is of paramount concern. Many of them boast about the educational benefits of their products almost without shame.  

Keep in mind, however, that no toy can teach preschoolers anything or that every child needs to learn any skill or concept. In preschool, the educational value is synonymous with play, so don't buy any toy unless your child will have fun with it.