Shockwave therapy (SWT) is a painless treatment that uses high-energy waves to stimulate the release of endorphins, which are hormones that block pain signals. SWT has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, spinal cord compression, and neck pain. You can also get information about the working of shockwave therapy online at

How does shockwave therapy work? Shockwave therapy uses high-energy waves to stimulate the release of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that block pain signals. This reduces the amount of pain you feel.

Shockwave therapy is a type of medical therapy that uses high-intensity sound waves to treat a variety of conditions. Shockwave therapy is often used to treat conditions such as pain, inflammation, and nerve damage. Shockwave therapy works by causing microscopic injuries in the body. The high-intensity sound waves cause these injuries to heal faster and more effectively than traditional treatments. 

There are several different types of shockwave therapy machines available on the market today. Each machine features its own unique features and benefits. Some machines use low-frequency sound waves, while others use high-frequency sound waves. The type of sound wave used plays a role in the treatment area targeted. 

The most common side effects associated with shockwave therapy include pain, numbness, and tingling. Some people may experience more serious side effects, such as hearing loss or seizures. Before undergoing shockwave therapy, it is important to discuss any potential side effects with your doctor.

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