native forest plan private

The world isn’t the same as it was when you were born or how it was a decade ago. Like everything else, forests have also evolved with time. If you think of how greenery has changed in the last ten years, you will collect more negatives than positives in your mind. Here’s a quick overview of how the tree cover has transformed.

  • Primary Forest Loss Across the Globe is Still High: The need for more land for humans to live, travel, and establish industries led to the cut down of trees on a large scale. While many individuals and organizations have come ahead in the favor of rectifying the forest cover loss, the primary forest loss is still high.
  • New Technologies for Forest Monitoring: Of course, technology has transformed the way we live. And that also includes the way we look at and analyze the data about the earth’s lungs. With cloud computing and remote sensing innovations, better geospatial data is available from across the globe. Thus, using this data, we can plan a better future for the people, the planet, and the environment alike.
  • Still, Biodiversity Monitoring Technology Needs to Catch Up: Even after an increased focus towards preserving forests and species, technologies for monitoring biodiversity haven’t yet evolved much.
  • Climate Change has Hit the Forest Ecosystem Badly: Forests have been known as our guardians against climatic mishaps. But those green soldiers have taken a huge toll with the increasing threats of global warming due to the cutting down of trees.

However, it’s never too late to start contributing towards a better future. If you have enough space, you can get a private native forest plan to grow a small forest in your neighborhood.