If we rate your sofa's health out of 10, how much do you rate it? How healthy is your sofa? Do you have any idea about it? In my point of view, it's not very healthy. Some points to note are that sweat contains salt. This can decrease the colour intensity of the furniture. Salt can also weaken and damage the fibres in your furniture. A professional upholstery & furniture cleaning company In Texas can help with this. 

If you are doing it yourself then make sure to use the rinse method when choosing a detergent. Some "dry" methods don't use a rinse and salt and dirt will remain on the furniture. The reason to clean is just to keep the furniture clean. 

Proper furniture care includes not only annual cleaning but also weekly cleaning of furniture with a vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner is not only suitable for carpets. Finer furniture should not be vacuumed without a whisk. Use only one vacuum head. Always remember that furniture is always softer, so aggressive scrubbing is not the best way to do it. Watch Out. A good vacuum cleaner has several supplies for cleaning your furniture. Please refer to the instruction manual for usage instructions.

I also recommend using Scotchgard protection after every clean. This protection makes your cleaning more effective. If stains and spills are treated promptly, multiple stains can be prevented. Scotchgard also provides a protective layer between furniture and furniture placed on it, which slows down the absorption of sweat salts.

Even if your furniture has Scotchgard protectors, keep using them again. During the cleaning process, some of the guards fell off and some time just got separated. The only way to maintain 100% protection is to clean furniture regularly.