Buying and owning investment property has been something of a craze in the past decade. But as money got tight, and rental rates dropped, some casual owners of multi-family residences have decided to save money on re-painting and do it themselves. They may know real estate investing, but do they really know how to paint an apartment building?

Before we discuss interior painting of individual units, we'll look at the exterior portion of the job. You can also hire experts for apartment painting services via

Let's say you own a four plex. It was last painted 7 years ago. You're going to do the bulk of your work before you ever put a brush in a bucket of paint.

Stucco demands expert repair. You can do it yourself, but a bad patch job will stick out even when covered with a new coat of paint. If your apartment building is wood, or siding, you have the same issue. It makes no sense to paint over flaws.

You might think paint covers up all the evil, but it will actually create more evil. If you didn't have your building last time, one of the reasons it might be needed now is because the surface was not properly prepared. Every hole, crack, abrasion, cut and object needs repair.

Take the time to take out the old gaskets and seal any window sashes, door steps, and seams. Think of it this way: doing this painting job will add value to your property and get a return on your investment. Investing time and energy in improvement is part of the end goal.