Opal is a delicate and beautiful gemstone used for making different types of jewelry items. It is a hydrated form of silica and can be of any color(black, pink, blue, green, red, grey, etc). Many people especially women love wearing opal jewelry with all kinds of outfits. 

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Opal advice: Here are the key things to consider while storing and wearing opal jewelry. To start with, opal isn't quite as powerful as any other stone but is as lasting as most emeralds. Opal isn't hard as emeralds but many emeralds can easily break because of internal defects.

Opal is fairly safe when washed properly and isn't likely to crack or chip unless it offers an ugly knock. You do need to take care to not allow the stone to run from tough things.

Opal is a"glass-like" substance. The glass-like structure describes the capability of opal to scratch or chip. Consider opal as glass and you'll take decent care of it. 

This is an easy visual illustration of how opal is assembled within the stone. Opals may comprise up to approximately 10 percent water.

General Care: Cleaning is easily achieved with gentle dish detergent at room temperature. Heat and cold can damage an opal. Generally, when really abrupt and extreme changes in temperatures occur, an opal may be damaged. This is similar to heating the rock immediately using a flame in which most other stones could burst. Regular changes in temp will probably be secure. High temperatures may damage the gemstone.