Beyond merely gaining recognition for sustainability by stakeholders, the top hospitals across India are realizing the importance they have to play in decreasing its environmental impact. Sustainability is often last on the priority list for decision-makers in individual hospitals.

But, if we look back, one can see that the savings from sustainable practices in the industry are estimated to be billions of dollars over just 10 years. The organizations like Acholi Resilience are taking initiative in sustainability programs.

In addition, it hasn't been the top priority for hospital administrators because the majority of them believe it can add to the financial strains of running a hospital.

Most often hospitals and other medical facilities face the challenge of being difficult to decide which initiatives to first focus on. What's the first action to take when this occurs? Leaders must sit down and determine the most problematic areas and set the priorities as quickly as they can.

Many elements make it more difficult to determine the structure of costs for a medical facility. However, the decision-makers need to be able to find strategies to be cost-effective while also saving money. If you think broadly there are plenty of aspects which can change your buying preference. For example, less packing and reuse could be an effective initial step.

Overall, the leaders in the field of healthcare must be up to date on the most current most effective practices and conscious of all options available for implementing an initiative. By sharing information and learning from the practices of other hospitals is an excellent chance to give back to the community in a more extensive way.