The ultrasonic pulse tester is a sophisticated device used in the routine inspection of concrete materials.

Concrete is one of the main ingredients in the construction industry. The quality of construction depends on the standard of the concrete mix used.

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Even with this careful consideration and examination, small cracks in the hairline are common. Therefore, it is important to continue to check the structure or wall under construction so that it is safe.

So, an ultrasonic speed tester is one of the devices regularly used to test a particular building or wall. The ultrasonic waves pass through the wall when a tester is placed on it.

This wave will return to the device on the other side or the same side, depending on the test model you are using.

The return wave is measured on a sensor attached to the machine to record the delay time. If there is a significant lag, it could mean that there are cracks or holes in the concrete.

Ultrasonic waves can also penetrate thick walls. They will only change routes when they encounter obstacles.

This blockage is most likely caused by fine cracks and holes in the structure. This flaw can be detected by the UPV tester.

The results obtained with such a device are very accurate and direct. The device is portable, so a technician or technician can take it to any location they want to test.

Another great advantage of this speed tester is that it can be used on concrete walls and structures of various sizes, shapes and dimensions.