A package leak detector, also known as a liquid leak detector, is used to detect the presence of fluids in packages with a large plastic liner such as drums, barrels and tanks.

Leak detection is necessary to avoid any property damage that might be caused by a leak. If a pipe bursts and water is spilling out or if gas is leaking in the ground, it is important to know as soon as possible so that the area will be cordoned off and the leak can be fixed. Leak detection systems can also tell you when it's time to change your pipes.

Functions of Package Leak Detector

Package leak detectors employ sensors to detect gas leaks and other forms of leakage from packages. Package leak detectors are used in buildings, warehouses and industries to detect various forms of leakage from packages which can be hazardous for people present in the area. You can also purchase leak detectors online through flexpakinc.com/.

A package leak detector detects leaks from packages that are being shipped. There are many different types. Some of them use a chemical compound in the bag and others can detect changes in air pressure. Most of these detectors rely on sensing an increase in the amount of gas in a small space, which creates a change in air pressure.

Package leak detectors come in two different types: explosion-proof and non-explosion proof. Explosion-proof detectors are found in hazardous areas where leaks could lead to an explosion. They are also used when the package is made of materials that contain flammable or combustible liquids or gases, such as propane, acetylene, butane, etc. 

Non-explosion proof detectors are made for packages that don't require the same level of protection like consumer goods. They can be found in the production industry, warehouses, and other places where there is no risk of an explosion.

Package Leak Detectors can be a crucial device for companies with high-value goods. These detectors are used to detect leaks in packages which can lead to lost product, shortages, and damages.