There's no calorie counting and really nothing to care about other than how much fat you keep losing along the way.

In fact, you can eat as much as you should be doing now. Jeff and Isabel only show what can and should not be consumed, as well as the reasons for their choice. You can actually expect to lose 3–10 lbs in the first week of the program.

So give it a try. The proof is literally in the pudding. Simply put, the Diet Solution program is the most honest, clearest, and most effective diet program on offer. You can also hire fitness & nutrition coach online & keto nutritionist near you.

A diet plan is not a crash diet and you don't have to starve to death at all costs. I'm sick of one empty promise made by many other programs.

Find out what coaches have to offer, the types of plans they offer, and their experience. Doing your homework first can reduce the risk of problems.

Realistic plan

Being honest about your weight and making a realistic plan of action for weight loss is very important. Most people don't know where to start and end up making mistakes.

For example, they starve to death and the body stores everything they eat as fat. They return to old eating habits because they feel hungry or restricted. The fashion diet is too strict.