Dental caries, also known as cavities, are bacterial infections that can erode and damage the tooth's structure. Acids from food are the main cause. Ozone is toxic to most bacteria that cause dental decay.

Therefore, injecting ozone onto a decayed tooth can reduce the number of such bacteria. Ozone has not been used in medical or industrial settings for a while. Many microorganisms can be destroyed by the oxidation process that occurs due to the release of loosely coupled oxygen molecules in ozone.

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Ozone can be used by dentists to treat dental caries, remove bacteria from decayed teeth, and repair damaged teeth using the re-mineralization method. According to top dentists, ozone therapy is being advocated by the dental community.

Ozone can be used for root canal treatment, periodontal therapy, and bone infection. You can also sterilize affected areas using ozone with very little use of your dental drill.

Ozonation is a simple and interesting concept. It saves tooth decay and avoids the need for anesthesia. Cosmetic dentistry, too, is open to the possibility of using ozone in dental treatment. We await the introduction of ozone to dentistry. It is also a cost-effective option to treat and manage dental caries.

It is important to conduct high-quality clinical research as well as trials in order to determine if ozone is as effective as dentists believe. Its effectiveness is not known at this time. Patients and dentists will need to wait until then to stop tooth decay with the dental drill.