Have you ever faced a situation in which you are working on your system and suddenly your screen displays a message that describes that your IP is used by somebody else and advises to reconfigure the IP address of contact the network administrator? After this error is displayed, you no longer have access to the wireless internet. This occurs due to address conflicts.

However, this problem is very rare for a normal internet user. If you are using more than two computers or laptops in your LAN, then you might have encountered this error. This happens when two systems on the same network start using the same IP. Due to this, both the systems are unable to connect to the internet. This error needs to be rectified by a reliable laptop support service as soon as possible. For the best IT support, you can opt for 13TECH.

Identifying IP Address Conflicts

One of the primary symptoms of IP conflicts is that the internet will stop working. Other identification is that you will encounter the following errors:

  • The static address that was just configured is already in use on the network. Please reconfigure a different IP address.
  • A balloon message showing "There is an address conflict with another system on the network" error.
  • The system has detected a conflict for address
  • Solution To IP Address Conflict

Router tech support services can provide instant relief to this issue by following these measures: