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Here are some signs to know you are in love with alien theme gifts, this includes that you have/ had:

  • Have a wallpaper saved in your phone’s gallery or gifts related to aliens. 
  • Have a spaceship, UFO or alien print t-shirt
  • Love to get alien theme collectables
  • Have a board game about conspiracy theories
  • Another pair of cloth that is extraterrestrial
  • A backpack alien theme badge/patch 
  • Glow in the dark alien theme decoration piece or accessory
  • An alien print / UFO print tote bag
  • Any drinkware (tumbler, mug, glass)

Even if you have/had 5 out of the above-mentioned things you are truly an alien theme gift lover. Most people prefer aliene theme gifts as they are unique and attractive. Moreover, they never go out of fashion.