The Importance Of CPR Training In Kent

CPR is short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is a procedure used to restore respiratory and circulatory function. This is a quick emergency procedure that will save your life if you have a heart attack.

CPR training and first aid are provided for patients who have lost their normal breathing and must be carried out quickly and effectively before the patient is admitted to the hospital. You can also get more information about CPR training in Kent online via

The patient must lie on the floor and the chest must be compressed to a depth of at least 5 cm, and the compression rate must be at least 100 times per minute. The pumping action helps the patient restore respiratory function and blood circulation. 

In addition, breathing is practiced by blowing air into the patient's mouth. Sometimes special devices are used to pump air into the patient's lungs. This method of artificial ventilation is known as ventilation.

In an emergency, CPR alone is not sufficient to recover a patient. This can help regulate blood flow to the brain and slow down tissue death in the brain. 

If you train at an appropriate training institute, you can help patients recover at critical times. When someone had a heart attack, everyone in the room was in such a state of shock and panic that no one offered to do anything immediately.