Some D-Max Accessories Explained

With the head lamp garnish large, you can enhance the appearance of your vehicle with clean, luxurious looks. A set of door and tailgate hiboscals are designed to protect the paint from scratches during opening. Pegasus Design Top Up Protection allows you to drive upright with your roof so you can protect your loads.

You need a truck lid that can hold a large pallet or load. Pegasus' unique 3 position lid allows you to transport your normal load as well as Bulky items securely and safely. You will need roof bars to increase your carrying space. You can buy D-Max accessories from Parramattaisusuute. Optional roof bars can be used to increase storage space and carry more. Roof bars that can support 55 kg of load. 

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These roof bars can be used to transport bulky items, equipment, or tools. Your hardtop is compatible with most crossbars and can be used to secure anything, from a roof box or a kayak. The Top Up Cover is not a standard product. This patent-pending product features a high-security twin locking mechanism that allows items to be safely stored.

Floor Illumination CRW adds elegance to the interior of your vehicle. It improves the visibility of vehicle occupants when they enter and exit the vehicle. Clear visibility of the interior increases safety for both the front and rear passengers.

Rear Combi Lamp Guard enhances the vehicle's appearance. Protects the gate from scratches (Tail Gate Ornament). Available in black and chrome. Cargo Net protects small gears and belongings by securing them in the cargo. It is a net-like design and has 3-point Velcro tapes at its opening. This prevents gears from being pulled out of the car while driving. To install, you will need "Cargo rail".