The Traditional Dance Forms of India

The cultural heritage of India is very rich. Every state in India is different, and so is its cultural heritage. India can boast of its special dance form. The elegance and charm of classical Indian dance cannot be described.

When you perform this dance, you will be transported to another world. The two dominant dance forms here are folk dance and classical dance.which is a part of a Indian folk dance.

When folk dances are more inclined and identifiable with their location, classical dances are associated with temple culture and are performed more or less as if to please and pray to God and goddess.

The essence of this classical dance is aesthetic and spiritual. The cosmic element of this dance deals with the dance of life, myths, symbolism, mystical answers and philosophical explanations. 

The skillful dance show is just amazing. The distinctive taste of the dance is associated with graceful body movements, which include the eyes, neck, arms, facial and eye expressions, body posture, jewelry, and costumes.

Dance traditions include folk dances and classical dances. Almost every region has a unique culture with different types of folk and ethnic dances. However, there are a number of established classical dances, some of which are listed below.