Types of Paper For Paper Crafts

Paper craft is a very creative way to design your home and office. Thousands or millions of paper products are available throughout the world. Paper crafts have many uses in our lives today. They are not just for decoration. They can also be used as gifts. You can also find the best uncoated papers through the internet.

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There are many types of paper. They have different characteristics that make it suitable for one project versus another.

First is watercolor paper. It was developed by James Whitman in the 1750s. He made a wire net used in printing for the first time. He noted, this material was easily damaged when wet. To perfect it, he used the Gelatin Alum for watercolor paper. However, this discovery has a problem with acid.

Strathmore continues to develop pure water paint paper. Watercolor paper is available in various sizes today and in just three types. This is cold pressure, heat suppressant and raw layer. Cold Press is ideal for beginners. It has a semi-rough finish. Hot press has a smooth and soft surface. Cheaper coarse coating. Its use can be effective with acrylic, pastel and colored pencils.

The second type of paper is picture paper. They are permeable for graphite and resistant to abrasion. It shouldn't have absorbent ink and absorb paint freely. This type of paper is divided into main groups: bond paper, bristol, charcoal, and sketches. Bond paper has bookbinding. It's like a Bristol velvet.

Bristol is the most durable and strongest picture paper. This is for all painting needs. It can be offered on a plate or on a veil. Charcoal and pastels can be exchanged. The two coatings are wrong and irregular. Graph paper is sold as patchy. They are known as transparent white paper.