The Donts about Resume

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These are the most common don’ts about a resume you should be aware of during your next interview for a job.

  1. Avoid Including Controversial Organizational Experience – Previously if you were working for fundraising as a volunteer or answering phones for a politician, you should avoid putting such experiences in your resume. Employers do not consider these as work experience.
  2. Avoid Including Stupid Hobbies – Employers are looking at candidates who can offer the best working skills to the company. Everyone is hooked up with either basketball, reading a book. You can talk about these hobbies if the employer asks you during your interview but avoid putting them on your resume.
  3. Avoid Over-Exaggerating – Even if the employer asks you about your achievements during your school or college days, be humble. Avoid talking or showing off too much about your early achievements.
  4. Avoid Hiding Gaps – It is important not to lie especially when it comes to having gaps in your career. You may have gaps due to traveling to study abroad or helping a community. If the gaps become wider then make sure you tell the employer about it instead of adding numbers to your working experience.
  5. Avoid Spending too much time on Designing – It is considered to be alright to make your resume look nice. However, the problem here is that many candidates spend a lot of time thinking that nice-looking resume is going to get the job. The truth is that it is important to make the resume readable and interesting to the employer. Moreover, you may also want to download free career change resume templates from the internet.