End Of Life Care With Healing Touch

You are a hospice volunteer. You support the hospice staff, the family, and their loved one in transition. You know your hospice patient.

You are aware of her spiritual, religious beliefs. You're skilled at providing her chosen way of being comforted. But today, those comforts are not working. You can also get the best retirement homes in NZ.

You are a caregiver-perhaps a massage therapist, nurse, or friend. You often hold the hand or provide a gentle foot massage to your hospice friend.

But not today. The one under your care is nervous about being touched. He is unable to tolerate physical contact.

The most common experience of receiving HT is the relaxation response. As a result of the nervous system calming and relaxing many benefits are experienced.

There is clinical evidence of the effectiveness of HT on people who are terminally ill and actively dying. The Ocean Healthcare organization has included Healing Touch as an effective complementary therapy in its Complementary Therapies End-of-life Care Manual.

HT is used by hospice volunteers, by nurses who work for Hospice programs, and by family members and other caregivers who recognize the efficacy and benefits.

Healing Touch energy therapy (HT) is one of the vehicles which can help a person connect with the spiritual self. When the physical and energetic body relaxed, the phase transition at the end of life easy and peaceful.