So what exactly is a home inspection?

Sometimes, as a professional home inspector, I am asked "What exactly is a home inspection?". And for anyone who has never been directly exposed to residential real estate transactions, and perhaps some people, this is an excellent question.

In large part, any definition that applies to the phrase home inspection depends on where the home inspection is being conducted (in which state or municipality) and what organization, if any, the home inspector is affiliated with. To know more about home inspection Service In San Antonio, TX visit

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), one of the oldest and most commonly respected home inspector associations, a home inspection is conducted according to ASHI standards, which are easily accessible, visually installed systems of inspection. and home components. 

The ASHI Standards of Practice also state that inspections conducted to their standards of practice are intended to provide the customer with objective information about the condition of the inspected home systems and components at the time of the home inspection.

Provide a written contract signed by the client before the home inspection is performed, stating that the inspection is conducted according to standards, which states what services are to be provided and the cost of those services and that the inspection stated during is for only one or a limited number of systems or components and exactly what the system or components may be;

Inspect easily visible and easily accessible systems and components listed in the standards required for inspection;

State which systems or components are required to be inspected but were not inspected, and the reason why they were not inspected;

Mention any systems or components that were inspected that do not normally act as intended to allow wear and tear, or to adversely affect the livability of the building;

State whether any reported condition requires repair or subsequent observation, or requires further investigation by a specialist; The description shall describe the component or system and how the condition is faulty, explain the consequences of the situation, and provide direction as to action about the condition or refer the recipient to a specialist:

State or give the name, license number, and signature of the person(s) conducting the inspection.