Learn How To Remove Tile In 8 Minutes

If you want to save a ton of money on your home renovation you should consider learning how to remove tile. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by removing and disposing of your ceramic tile on your own, but if you don't learn how to remove tile the proper way you might cause yourself a lot of unnecessary work. TailHappyTV recently published a video teaching how to remove tile from the floor in a kitchen or bathroom using basic tools. He shows the proper method to pry up the tile from the edge instead of smashing it from the top using a sledge hammer. All you need is a hammer and a chisel to remove the tile from the floor, but you can invest in bigger and better tools if you need to remove a lot of tile in your job.

After all the tile is removed from the floor you will also need to remove the mortar from the ground if you are putting down new floors in your home renovation project. A chisel and a hammer are really all you need to get the mortar off of the floor. After you watch the full video from TailHappyTV you will know how to remove tile from any floor in your home. Just be sure to wear your safety gear because removing tile can be loud and it will cause flying pieces of ceramic tile to hit you in the face on occasion.