Auto Interior Parts Designed By Mazda Using Corn-Based Plastic

Mazda Motor Corporation has developed new ways of manufacturing interior parts for their vehicles. This new process mainly comes from corn and the automaker claims that internal parts of this type can actually be mass-produced. This new in-house commercial production will commence in a few years.

These discoveries and innovations emerged as part of a joint research project in which Mazda was involved. This research project is a joint venture between the automotive industry, government, and academics. They develop better surface quality for auto interior parts by using natural materials, including corn. Not only that, but the inside is also made of high-strength and heat-resistant plastic. Bioplastic is another term for this type of heat-resistant plastic. However, you can also find Mazda car parts via to give your car more strength.

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According to Mazda, the newly developed bioplastic has stronger properties than commercially produced interior materials for vehicles. The study provides statistics showing that this bioplastic has three times the impact resistance. This Mazda bioplastic is also tougher. In this way, a thinner form and a material that is rarely used is obtained.

New bioplastics are made through a fermentation process. Contains natural ingredients such as starch and fermented sugar which is used to make polypropylene. This actually reduces energy consumption by about 30 percent.

Mazda is very enthusiastic about innovations in the interior that use corn. In the end, it will definitely be more profitable than using traditional materials for the interior of the car. Research is still being done to find new developments in this area.