Some More Information On Miller Trust In Arizona

Adults are usually eligible for one or more government benefit programs, including Social Security and medical care. Medical care is provided through the Medicaid program and is available to all adults over the age of 65. However, some exceptions may result in the person being ineligible.

For example, there are cases where the applicant's income exceeds the legal entitlement to Medicaid. In this case, a qualifying income fund must be set up for the applicant to qualify for the old-age care allowance. This is also called Miller Trust and is an irrevocable trust. To get more details about miller trust in Arizona, you may visit

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To set up a Miller Trust it is best to hire an experienced attorney to take care of the finer details. Any additional Medicaid applicant income that exceeds eligibility requirements will be held in the trust and a person other than the applicant will be appointed as a trustee.

Trusteeship outcomes are managed by the appropriate government agency that handles family services once an adult Medicaid application is approved. The applicant is usually entitled to withhold a certain amount of income and has the right to transfer part of his income to the spouse if the spouse's income is less than the amount stipulated by the state.

Parents can also use surplus income from the Miller Trust to pay lump sums for home care for the elderly. If the excess balance remains in the account after the applicant's death, US Medicaid is entitled to a refund.