Choose The Right Mountain Bike For Touring?

If you don't own any bikes and you're thinking of buying one, but you aren't sure what is the best option, the time has come to choose what type of biking you'll take part in.

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When you determine now what you intend to use the bicycle you'll be able to rent the right bike for the purpose you want to serve. 

There are two kinds of bikes. One is a mountain-touring bike with a 28-inch tire and the second is a traditional mountain bike with a 26-inch wheel.

The mountain touring bike is ultra-low and is designed to be used on smooth or paved roads, or campground trails. Another benefit of the mountain touring bike is the bigger seat that is padded to the max. If you're looking for the ultimate comfort you can get your bike with more space and springs.

Traditional mountain bikes are shorter than mountain tour bikes and are more suitable for rough terrain. The wheels are less hefty and the forks are straighter to offer better handling. They're often offered with suspension that is perfect to smooth out all the bumps. Therefore, if you'd rather ride through forest trails on deer trails or rough surfaces. You might look into traditional mountain bikes.