Discover About Tea Bags

It is important to remember that even the smallest things matter. It is easy to overlook small things like teabags. But, in the end, it really does add up to a lot! Your newspaper may be larger, but it is very likely that you can recycle it. Is it possible to "recycle" tea bags? You cannot, however, you can reuse it in your garden.

Use a teabag that is environmentally friendly. You can also order organic tea bags online.


You don't have to throw away your teabags. Instead, you can put them in your compost pile. Regular tea bags can be biodegradable, so the nutrients in the tea will make a good fertilizer. They will increase the acidity of your compost. Avoid staples in tea bags, or at the very least remove them before placing the bags into your compost bin. Choose unbleached tea bags.

Make sure you only buy tea bags without tags or strings. Be sure to use tea bags made from natural fibers. These bags are more sustainable and won't add any extra flavor to green tea or other teas.

You can add your coffee and tea grounds directly to the soil surrounding flowers if you don't have a compost pile. It is a great way to show appreciation for your plants.