Professional Hair Shears – How to Find the Best Scissors to Meet Your Needs

Your hairdresser or barber will not use the same tool or scissors that you bought for your 5-year-old before he started school.

It is important to understand the design and quality of hair shears for anyone who wants to cut hair at home or has been cutting hair for over 20 years. Professional hairstylists use high-quality hair-cutting shears. If you don’t have one, you can also purchase professional hair shears at

These shears are better than the cheap craft scissors from any random store. The best scissors will cut your hair better.

Professional hair shears must be made of high-quality metal and should not have any nicks or cuts. The blades must be sharp. While they don't have to be sharpened after each use, professionals should consider how many cuts can be made between sharpenings.

The shears can "chomp" hair if the blades are worn or dull. If the scissors are not sharpened properly, they can cause hair to break rather than being cut.

These are some simple tips to help keep your hair shears in tip-top shape.

Rule 1: After each use, clean the shears thoroughly. To prevent germ and bacteria buildup, rinse them with soapy water.

Rule 2: Use a non-toxic formula to sterilize your hair scissors. Although it is not necessary to sterilize your hair shears after each use of them, make sure the formula is gentle enough that you do not cause any harm.

Rule 3: Keep shears dry. Keep the scissors dry by keeping them in a holster, or somewhere that is protected from moisture.

Rule 4: Oil hair shears when they are used frequently. Regular oiling is a good way to prevent rust from occurring and keep the shears in good shape.