Maintenance For Luxury Pens

If you are new to the world of luxury pens, you will quickly discover that like any other expensive item you own, this device requires care and maintenance. It may not take as much work as your car, but it does need regular cleaning to get the most out of your pen.

Whether you're a Parker or Waterman pen owner, here are a few tips you can use to keep your pen like new. You can get the best information about fancy pens for women via

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The best treatment you can use for your fancy pen is to wash the pen once a month. Although inks are solutions that do not contain solids, dyes and solvents can harden if they are not dissolved in water.

Eventually, the ink becomes thicker and clogs the ink cracks. You should also wash the pen every time you change the ink. To wash a pen, simply empty and refill the entire pen and empty it repeatedly with warm water.

You can then make a solution with one part ammonia and two parts water. Fill the pen three or four times with this solution to dissolve any solid particles that may have accumulated. However, if the pen is too clogged to flush, you will need to send it in for professional cleaning.

But what about the outside of the pen? You want the exterior to look just as shiny and new as when you first bought it. Exterior cleaning is easy. You can purchase non-abrasive cleaners and paints.