After-sales exhaust systems are a great way to improve your car's performance. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes, as well as creating the popular car roars and growls that make your car visible and more likely to be noticed by your friends.

The performance exhaust systems works much like the human respiratory system, with the various gases produced by the operation of the engine being supplied through the passageway or through the exhaust pipe. When a person exercises, the lungs help remove carbon dioxide from the body and provide a platform to take off. If the gas doesn't come out of the body, we will suffocate and you will know better what will happen next.

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In order for the engine to work more efficiently, it is advisable to have a larger diameter exhaust pipe so that gas can escape faster and gas release is not too restricted. We get this advantage when we replace the factory-installed exhaust system with a replacement sports exhaust system.

Because they offer a relatively larger pipe diameter, there is less exhaust pressure, which results in more horsepower, but on the other hand, the larger pipe opening slows the movement of gases. Therefore, the increase in productivity does not depend on installing the largest possible pipe opening, as this can lead to loss of low-end torque, but offers an optimal size, which is produced depending on the type of engine and depending on the speed.