Fear will fly is an anxiety disorder that is very complicated and greatly affects many people. However, despite being rampant scattered among millions of people, there are various ways about dealing with it. It is commonly known as aerophobia or aviophobia triggered by many factors and not just flying ideas.

You can reduce the fear of flying with fear of flying course which helps to overcome your fear. People cannot handle their emotions and reactions every time they drive a plane or even just hear stories about flying. And this has given them restrictions in all areas of their lives – especially in their profession.

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The idea of living in the air on an airplane can make them really hurt. They can't stand the feeling that they are thousands of feet on the ground. This results in different reactions such as trembling, excessive sweating, nausea, difficulty breathing, and vomiting. If you suffer from this type of fear, then you certainly have to deal with them as early as possible.

Learning how to deal with fear can be easy but it is an application of what you have learned that is quite difficult. When you start feeling the symptoms, this is the time you need to master what you have to do. You can't expect anyone to understand and immediately help you when you are in this situation. 

But based on research, fear will fly not only from the idea of flying alone. This is basically a traumatic experience in the past which continues to come back in your mind.