The Quran represents the entireness and the wholeness of Muslims and their obligation to live, behave and live a good disciplined, humble, and faithful life, especially following the commands of Allah. 

Their ultimate aim is to live their lives following the commandments and to gain salvation in the event of death. The Quran is a declaration of the truth, the map of the life cycle, as well as the constitution that governs the Kingdom in Heaven as well as Earth. You can navigate to  for learning intermediate courses of the Quran online.

12 Most Amazing Verses From The Quran That are True Life Lessons

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The word comes by it being the Arabic verb qara'a which means "he was reading" or "he has recited". The most significant sign of the term is the "act of reading" about the early Quranic verse: "It is for Us to take it in and repeat it."

This is the place where Muslims learn the lessons which govern their religious as well as daily lives. The book contains the accounts and documents of the Messengers and Prophets that were sent by Allah that tells of the events that took place to them as well as the people who lived from Adam up to Muhammad.

It is believed that The Quran is the final revelation of God's word. This book is the main and sole source for every Muslim's belief and practice.