The bubble hockey table is a one-time purchase, so it's your responsibility to bring a perfect table so that your future generation will also entertain with this investment. There are a number of sellers in the market that offer a wide range  of bubble hockey tables. So, you can buy it from anywhere, but the question is how to choose a perfect game table.

The following are some tips that need to be remembered before choosing the best bubble hockey table.

  • Warranty

Warranty is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. If you spend a large amount in buying an expensive bubble hockey table, then you will never want to enjoy playing it for only one or two years.

On the other hand, if you want your table to function like a new table after many years, then never compromise the warranty. Best bubble hockey table manufacturers offer long-term warranty options ranging from 5-10 years. 

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  • Servicing

Before buying, it is fully your responsibility to discuss their servicing facilities. Check whether their free service is only for one year or more than that. 

Choose a supplier that offers free initial service, but if your table gets any damage after servicing make sure you will get help at your door free of cost. A bubble hockey table is an 8-foot table and it is very difficult to bring this table to the manufacturer whenever needed.  

Buying a bubble hockey table is a one-time deal, so it is needed to make everything perfect. Be calm and think twice before choosing a bubble hockey table.