A side hustle is any type of employment or source of income that is in addition to your full-time job. It is not typically the same thing as a part-time job but it often provides more freedom than a part-time position.

It is an additional source of income that you bring in during your spare time that can help you save money, get out of debt and reach other financial goals that your full-time job alone does not support. There are tons of extra money-making gigs, but many probably won’t generate a passive income for you or become a full-time business.

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The best tips for getting started on your side hustle are:

  • Find something you are passionate about.
  • Set a dedicated amount of time each week (and stick to it).
  • View your side hustle as a huge potential opportunity.
  • Be patient and don’t expect to quit your day job within a few months.
  • Even if you fail the first time, keep going. That failure makes your next moves stronger.

No matter your goal for starting a side hustle, it’s a great way to: build an extra income, help you learn new skills, and potentially become a full-time business. The key to winning with any side hustle is to think of your specific skills and take advantage of them!