Always have a little package with the bare essentials from your kitchen to enable you to set up a small kitchenette at your new location to cater to fussy toddlers and once in a while adventures for your own self.

Things like a small frying pan, a small pressure cooker, and a couple of saucepans. Maybe even a little sugar, tea leaves, and some legumes, rice, flour and a couple of condiments in little zip lock pouches so that you can miss out on a rush to the grocery store too. You can easily hire top packers and movers in panchkula.

The mini box opens up and you can cook a basic meal or a cup of tea for yourself. Trust me it'll help.

1. Try and have a garage sale of all the things you haven't used in the last two tenures and for the ones you feel you are not likely to use. It can be a little hard to part with them at times but it will go a long way clearing up the clutter and maybe even help you feel a tad bit less guilty over your overindulgence with keeping pace with the latest in trend.

2. The key to not ending up with broken stuff is to pack them tightly with no space in between for them to move from where they've been tucked in case of movement on a weathered terrain during transportation.

3. It is always a great idea to recycle old newspapers and poly bags, another good use is to store them and have them shred for use as packing material for cushioning and to fill in gaps between articles to avoid their movement and breakage.

4. It is a wise idea to have a wooden box lined with felt for permanent use as your crockery box.