There are a variety of treatments available to treat anxiety. Some are based on pills and/or talk therapy whereas others rely on herbal remedies and specific exercises like Tai chi, yoga as well as Qi dong to calm anxiety-related systems. These options are used for decades and are based on ancient, traditional Chinese treatments.

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Conventional Medicine

The symptoms of anxiety can cause you to seek the counsel of a traditional medical doctor and will conduct a physical exam and try to determine if there is some physical cause behind your anxiety, for instance, thyroid or heart disease. If your anxiety is not related to any physical event doctors are left with a number of options.

A majority of doctors use anxiety medications, like Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, or Ativan. These medications are intended to be utilized only for brief periods but, because these medications are addictive individuals are prone to relapse into anxiety once the medication stops. They are forced to relapse on the medication, and sometimes throughout their lives.

The doctor could also recommend that you go to a session of therapy. In this session, you'll discuss the causes of anxiety and attempt to reduce stress in your life in order to feel less stressed. This type of therapy could be long-term or short-term according to the source and the severity of your symptoms.

Certain conventional doctors are acquainted with holistic methods to manage anxiety. They might recommend yoga, massage, acupuncture, or relaxation exercises in addition to the care you're receiving from your doctor. Unfortunately, many conventional doctors are not willing to even suggest holistic methods.