The simplest and most intuitive vaping device, Puff Bar, is available. This device removes all the problems, confusion, and inconveniences associated with vaping.

You can't bear to refill a tank of e-liquid. A Puff Bar doesn't have to be refilled. Are you constantly forgetting to charge the e-cig? Puff Bar provides the right amount of charge to keep your e-cig topped off until it runs out. You can refill puff bars with different fruit flavors like blueberry ice vape.

You don't have to put together all the pieces of a device. The Puff Bar device is a one-piece unit that won't break apart.

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A Puff Bar is an all-in-one, disposable vape pen. It is a convenient and cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes. Puff bars are made from medical-grade cotton and infused with a liquid mix of 5% salt nicotine, amazing flavor, and nicotine. The liquid is heated to create a vapor. The device is sleek and slim and will not get in the way of you. It was designed to enhance your lifestyle, not limit it.