A shoe odor spray has a deodorizing effect with antifungal qualities, as it contains salts that prevent sweating from the pores. A foot spray has a variety of oils to give your feet a soothing, cooling effect and eliminating odor with fragrance. 

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deodorant for feet

On the other hand, a foot powder can be fragrant, but it gives your feet a stingy sensation for as long as you have it on. Other side effects of using a foot powder can be dermatological issues such as skin dryness and irritation.

You will be surprised to know that neglecting your toenails can also be a major cause for smelly feet. Therefore, make sure that you keep your toenails short and clean. Remove any hard skin with a filter because if this hard skin gets waterlogged while your feet sweat, which can provide an ideal ground for bacteria and fungi to grow.

If a normal spray off the counter doesn’t solve your problem, then you can always ask your doctor to prescribe you a stronger feet antiperspirant spray.