When considering booking a wedding photographer, it is very important to know what style of photography to expect as your albums and wedding photos will be unique and your personal memory on your special day.

Reportage Photography

The key behind this style of Hawaii marriage photography is that the photographer captures the day as it unfolds. Photographers have to be professional to capture the moment exactly as it happened. Photography stays mostly in the background and just captures your day without being intrusive.

Photojournalism Photography

This particular style is becoming increasingly popular and goes hand in hand with modern story albums. Photojournalism is all about capturing the story of your day. When you look back at the photos, they should represent the story of your day from start to finish, showing all the important events and fine details of your day. 

Traditional Pose Photography

Traditional pose photography is a slightly more formal style of photography. This is a great way to capture your wedding guests in a group photo and they always look great on a wedding album. In addition to photographing wedding guests, this is a great way to make a selection of personal portraits of the bride and groom. 

These styles are one of the most popular photography styles used by wedding photographers today. It's important to know the differences so you can get an idea of the style of photography for your wedding day. When choosing a photographer, look at sample images to see what style to expect.

Most photographers use a mix of the above styles for different wedding situations, so it's best to look at the many sample images to get a full feel of the photography style and to make an informed decision when you find what you find, satisfied.