Commercial property owners understand the importance of keeping their facilities clean and sanitary for their clients, clients, guests, visitors, employees and more. A properly cleaned and maintained building not only protects people from disease and bacteria, it also ensures a safer environment and protects the value of property investment. For this reason, most office buildings and shopping centers outsource professional cleaning and personal service. You can also hire the professional janitorial services in CA via

Larger items especially require regular cleaning, and the cleaning team can provide that and more. When it comes to hiring a new cleaner or reviewing an existing cleaner, it's important to understand what to expect from the service and how this industry standard is set. This makes it easier to judge which needs are being met and which need more attention. Below is a list of appropriate expectations for the sales team for bathroom cleaning or maintenance.


Attendance records and accuracy are two very important traits to look for in a cleaning staff. This is because most commercial cleaning programs are scheduled during business hours or on weekends, which leaves the cleaning team with limited time to get the job done properly. Porter delays can damage a commercial property's reputation if cleaning obligations are not met before the business or office reopens.

Education and experience

You want your cleaner to know what she's doing. A prerequisite for this is formal training and sufficient experience. You must know how to safely handle various chemicals and cleaning solutions, understand all fire safety and protection regulations, and behave professionally in the presence of customers or clients. The carrier must be fully equipped with the appropriate tools, equipment and resources to accurately complete all required tasks, projects and cleaning tasks.