Black truffles are a big hit when it comes to parties, special occasions, and food. Many online sellers ship internationally and sell black truffle sea salt for excellent prices. Just like any other type of salt, you need to be careful with black truffle salt.

Because it's so popular, black truffle salt is available in a wide variety of forms such as sprinkles, crystals, sheets, and even jelly. I personally love sprinkling it on pasta dishes or in salads. For a simple yet elegant meal, try cooking pasta and adding some of this heavenly salt for a sophisticated taste.

If you're worried about the heavy chemicals found in regular sea salt, worry not. Most Italian black truffle salt isn't even salty at all. It's actually made from a special combination of minerals that provide rich flavor and wonderful texture. As mentioned above, the key to enjoying it is purchasing it from a trustworthy source and, of course, baking your own pasta! As most people know, sea salt is a much healthier option than regular table salt.

In addition to being healthier, regular black truffle salt has a long way to go before it loses its flavor. Unlike black summer truffles, Italian style salts don't have to sit on the shelves for long periods of time. With a bit of patience, they'll last you for months.

Another great way to enjoy Italian truffles is by combining them with eggs and bacon. Many people opt for this technique when grilling meats, but it can also be adapted to include scrambled eggs as well. Scrambled eggs are an Italian specialty that usually goes unmentioned in terms of cooking techniques. When mixed with cheese and sausage, however, the result is scrumptious and completely different from regular egg dishes. This combination is one of the most popular tricks for cooking eggs, and black truffle salt definitely adds to the recipe.

For another fabulous addition to your menu, cook your pasta with a black truffle salt mixture. This unusual but delightful combination turns pasta dishes into beautiful, mouthwatering foods. Sprinkle the mushroom flavor into the pasta while preparing it, then sprinkle it onto the entire dish after it's finished cooking. This unusual cooking method creates a nutrient-dense meal that's healthy, delicious, and great for you. You may be surprised at just how good your pasta dishes become with this unique seasoning.

Of course, another use for truffles is in the realm of salad dressing. You can dress up vegetables, meat, and fish in a variety of interesting ways with a mixture of black truffle salt and olive oil. By taking the guesswork out of creating your favorite dressing, you can prepare the meals you like the most without having to wonder if it's the right ingredients or not. Just add it and go. Your guests will be surprised at the taste, and you may find yourself going back for more.

So whether you simply like trying out new things or like to make your favorite dishes more interesting, black truffle salt can definitely help you do it. The question is, what kind of flavors do you want to add? Whether you choose olive oil, cheese, or mushroom flavor, you'll find that adding this type of salt to your food makes your favorite dishes all the more enjoyable.

Another reason why black truffle sea salt is such a versatile seasoning is that it is both salty and sweet. Most often, sea salt is the sweet version of the seasoning. But black truffle salt is salty, while still retaining a little bit of its "real" flavor. And don't let its name mislead you. It's not really a nutty salt by any means. Its real flavor comes from the minerals found in the black truffles themselves, which give it a slightly bitter taste.

What's also great about black truffle salt is that it adds flavor in a simple manner. All you have to do is cook the steak or chicken with it. The flavor simply seeps into the food, making it taste even better. This is very different from using regular table salt, which will cause your steak to taste "sharp" or "sausage-tastic." While it's true that regular salt will bring out the flavor of your steak or chicken, it also has the tendency to leave a film on your food that makes it difficult to chew. Black truffle salt only leaves a pink or grayish layer on your food, which makes it far superior to regular salt.

There are many other uses for the "big black" that you may not have thought of before. Like with scrambled eggs, for instance, eating truffle salt on popcorn actually improves the flavor of the popcorn. And don't forget that it also helps to reduce the amount of fat and oil in your diet.